Waterloo wl k guitar

Waterloo wl k guitar

Inspired by depression era guitars, Waterloo by Collings Guitars visits a time of basic and far from perfect instruments. The WL-K is an attempt. Weighing in at under three pounds, the featherweight WL-K is a fret guitar built with maximum responsiveness in mind. Inspired by the elusive instruments. By Adam Perlmutter. I'd been intrigued by Waterloo guitars ever since seeing Julian Lage play his WL on an Acoustic Guitar Sessions video.

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Youtube Video

Waterloo WL-K played by Jake Workman

Gladesville Guitar Factory | guitarfactory.net | Expect To Pay: $3,695

Waterloo wl k guitar

Youtube Video

Waterloo WL-14 LTR Acoustic Guitar - And The Six Angels Did Sing - by Greg Vorobiov
  • Three New Waterloos: WL, WL-K, and WL-JK [Video Review] – Acoustic...
  • With a 24 7/8" scale length and moderately sized, oval shaped neck, the WL-K is a...
  • Weighing in at under three pounds, the featherweight WL-K is a fret...

With Waterloo, Collings perfectly captures the former and corrects the latter. It's the little things that Waterloo have replicated that make this worthy of attention - from the light, and thinly lacquered body, to the branding on the head stock; the Kel Kroydon influence is apparent. It truly is an American made beauty. View the discussion thread. Introduced inthe fret WL is the guitar that kicked off the Waterloo line.

Some jumbo guitars have an overwhelming bass response, but the Waterloo is perfectly balanced, with Waterloo wl k guitar enough low end.

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  1. Due to the high demand, Collings had none for review and a new Waterloo was announced on the website of a local shop, for instance, but was sold by the time I was able to swing by a few days later.

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