Bluing a gun diy sweepstakes

Bluing a gun diy sweepstakes

Bluing a gun, or even a part for a gun, is not usually something that's easily done at home. From the Follow the All Outdoor DIY Channel. I've reached a conclusion about rust bluing. It's mostly superstition, with a few facts tossed in as a distraction. Practically everything I've read on. Any DIY solutions are formulas for rust bluing not a cold blue. Rust blueing is what I'd recommend on larger areas of a gun - not the small.

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Give the Model 10 Bluing a gun diy sweepstakes shot, see how it comes out, sometimes the results surprise you.

I also use it to clean guns. The same effect could be accomplished with a blowtorch, the salt is used here to evenly apply the heat. I might have to try these methods. EFnet - Gunnit Meet Ups: Were the Remington-Rand s blued?

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Bluing a gun diy sweepstakes

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Need to blue a gun or just some parts? Check out these methods.

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