Comodo antivirus stateful

Comodo antivirus stateful

I notice in V under "antivirus security level" we have acquired another setting. Assuming we don't want it disabled what is the diff. Comodo Antivirus 8 offers decent antivirus protection and a whole raft of wonder what it means when the screen shows "Antivirus: Stateful" or. In computing, a stateful firewall is a network firewall that tracks the operating state and . Freemium · Comodo Internet Security · ZoneAlarm. Open-source.

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Comodo antivirus stateful

I have Comodo installed. Comodo antivirus stateful Dakustratoswwd and 7 others like this. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I tweaked some non-executable bytes in each sample, and also changed each file's name and size. Off - Selecting this option disables heuristic scanning. Share This Page Tweet.

Stateful firewall

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  2. In computing, a stateful firewall is a network firewall that tracks the operating state and characteristics of network connections traversing it.

  3. This instant detection of viruses assures you that your system is perpetually monitored for malware and enjoys the highest level of protection.

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