Happy new year kpop tumblr giveaways

Happy new year kpop tumblr giveaways

I make unboxing video's on youtube and I romanize the newest korean lyrics~ KPOP Happy New Year GIVEAWAY: BAP - Matrix (+Himchan photocard) →. #doggo#puppies#dogs#new year#chinese new year#Illustration#artists on tumblr#artists of tumblr#husky#shiba inu#german shepherd#pug#golden. Details for this year's Kpop Holiday Giveaway Event will be posted tomorrow! I' m so happy about my first giveaway win, and so much goodies too! one or both of the winners do not respond within two days, we will choose new winners.
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Happy new year kpop tumblr giveaways 683 Happy new year kpop tumblr giveaways 564 EVERSAVE GIVEAWAYS

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I nearly scrolled past, but I got nervous. Final prize designation will be announced a week after the winner announcement. The giveaway starts today, February 4th and closes February 14th. Must have an email address. Kaunting araw na lang, magce-celebrate na naman tayo ng Christmas at New Year.

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Bangtan Giveaways

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Happy new year kpop tumblr giveaways

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  1. We did not host a summer giveaway event as there were no participants but we will surely host our second annual holiday giveaway when the winter holidays come around!

  2. These giveaways are not hosted by me, I simply reblog them from the people who make them to spread the word!

  3. I made this for the coming New Years holiday, I had fun making this and some friends helping me along the way while I was working on it.

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