Altador cup nc prizes for bridal shower

Altador cup nc prizes for bridal shower

This page lists the prizes that were awarded at the end of each Altador Cup. Besides these, there Each play is guaranteed one NC item prize. Note: Widgets. Altador Cup Confetti Shower buyable through NC Archives Fortune Cookie ~ Altador Cup Altador Cup NC Challenge Prize Pack Altador. Showcase the coveted Altador Cup trophy with this brilliant tapestry. Altador Cup Trophy This NC item was a prize for participating in Lulu Autographed T Shirt.

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Spoils of War Necklace 1. This event runs from May 26, through July 6, Has been RRed in the past. Frosted Holiday Lamp Post Notes: Candlelight by the Sea 1. Golden Starlight Side Tree 1. Lighted Side Tree 1.

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: Altador cup nc prizes for bridal shower

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Altador cup nc prizes for bridal shower -

Loose Half Braid Wig 2. Gown of the Night 3. Baby Winter Sweater Notes: Broiling Fire Foreground Notes: Casual Shirt and Trousers 1.

Altador cup nc prizes for bridal shower
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Ask them if there are any VIPno make up for passes available.