War commander iron lord prizes for mega

War commander iron lord prizes for mega

Click Picture Icon above to view Larger Image • Only Showing Prizes That Are NEW For This Event .. War Commander Firsts: . Operation: Iron Lord • The following Units, Schematics, Buildings and Turrets are "Prizes" for participation in the Special Events. For a full list of Prizes see the Event Shop page. Level 10 War Factory Build & Repair Times Per Elite Mega Tank Level METAL, 60,, 39,, 50,, 85,, ,, ,, , Prize Hold.
  • The following Units, Schematics, Buildings and Turrets are "Prizes" for participation in the Special Events. For a full list...
  • Liste der Spiele für das Sega Mega-CD – Wikipedia
  • EVENT STARTS, September 25, , Operation: Iron Lord New Event...
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war commander 50 wave iron lord

To all other players these bases will appear to be under a Damage Protection Bubble. Unlimited Attacks - The Player may stop and start an attack on a M. Owned - Shows all Special Event Prizes the Player has previously unlocked during the current and all past events. Following the conclusion of the Special Event:. Listed here are Highlights of significant Waves. Event Bases are Player Exclusive. Frequency - 5 of the first 50 Waves are Island Bases.

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War Commander Operation Desert Recon Prizes

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Operation: Iron Lord

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